Why you must stifle a yawn if you work at Lei Garden

February 06, 2015 14:47
Lei Garden in Sha Tin fines its staff for a host of offences. Photo: Internet

Yawning can be costly if you're a server at Lei Garden in Sha Tin.

The restaurant, which boasts a Michelin star, fines its waiters and waitresses HK$20 (US$2.58) each time they are caught yawning in front of customers, Apple Daily reported Friday.

Enter a dish incorrectly into the restaurant's computer system? Another HK$20.

If you serve the wrong dish to a table, it will cost you HK$20 plus the menu price of the dish.

And don't come late or leave early. You'll be fined HK$100 each time you check in between one minute and 15 minutes late or check out one to 15 minutes early.

Woe betide you if the time discrepancy is between 15 minutes and 60 minutes: the fine jumps to HK$200.

And make sure you pay attention during meetings. If you're deemed to be lacking in concentration, you'll have to pay HK$20.

A table listing 23 fines for various misdemeanours at the restaurant has been posted in a Facebook group for food and beverage employees. 

Mocking the restaurant for its military-style management, netizens called the list “Lei Garden’s Article 23” -- which refers to Hong Kong's aborted attempt to enact national security legislation based on Article 23 of the Basic Law.

The Labor Department urged the owner to comply with the Employment Ordinance, the report said. The restaurant chain promised the authorities it will investigate the matter. 

Many netizens who work in the industry said the penalty scheme is unreasonable and harsh. They criticized Lei Garden for treating its staff as slaves.

The Confederation of Trade Unions condemned Lei Garden for violating employment law.

The restaurant did not reply to enquiries from the newspaper.

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