Albert Ho to trigger 'referendum' with summer resignation

February 12, 2015 11:33
Albert Ho plans to quit the LegCo in the summer and trigger a by-election that can be seen as a referendum on Beijing's political reform proposal. Photo: HKEJ

Democratic Party lawmaker Albert Ho Chun-yan may resign soon after casting a vote in the summer against the government's constitutional reform proposal. 

The move is aimed at pressing the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to relaunch the reform process and withdraw the decision the committee made in August 2014, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported.

Ho's resignation from the legislature will trigger a by-election, normally conducted within four-and-a-half months, which can be deemed as a referendum on the political reform package.

Pan-democrats will use the by-election to convey the public's dissatisfaction over the current reform framework.

Ho has prepared to file a judicial review in the event that the government delays the by-election, the lawmaker told HKEJ in an interview.

Other pan-democrats, including Civic Party's Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, had hoped that Ho would resign sooner and trigger an early by-election.

The reason is that they feel that in case Ho fails to win the by-election, the lawmakers will still have a chance to vote for the present constitutional reform proposal, the so-called "pocket it first" proposal.

Ho reiterated that the Democratic Party will not give in to the "pocket it first" proposal, which bars civic nomination of the city's next chief executive and keeps the functional constituency system.

Translation by Vey Wong

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