Yuen Long fruit vendor in one-man protest against mainlanders

February 17, 2015 14:55
Cardboard signs that read “we do not sell to mainlanders" are seen at a Yuen Long fruit stall. Photo: Facebook

A fruit vendor in Yuen Long said he's had enough of mainland shoppers who play havoc on his merchandise.

So on Monday morning he put up cardboard signs at his fruit stall that read: "We don't sell to mainland people" and "Don't touch the fruits".

A stranger later came to his stall, seized one of the signs, tore it apart and walked away.

Wah-gor, who has been keeping the fruit stall on Yau Sun Street in Yuen Long for three years, was unfazed. He said he will continue to refuse serving mainland customers because, he said, they are rude.

“I'm not afraid,” he said, adding that he will make more signs and put them in prominent places in his stall to keep them off.

He continued: “99.9 percent of mainland people like to poke the fruits whether they're buying or not. And they accuse me of duping them for selling five pieces for HK$15 and say other stalls are selling at HK$10 for five. They're such a nuisance."

Wah-gor complained that Yuen Long is now no different from Sheung Shui and Tuen Mun, which are swamped with mainland visitors.

He has a lot of complaints against mainlanders. He said he has seen them urinating in public near his stall or parents bringing their daughters into the men's room.

He said life in the city has been affected by the influx of mainland visitors who refuse to behave properly, obey laws and follow social rules while the government is turning a deaf ear to the problem.

The vendor's action became a hot topic of discussion on social media with some netizens supporting him and others criticizing the way he treats customers.

One netizen, who apparently is also from Yuen Long, said the vendor is rude to everyone who touches his merchandise without buying, whether they're local customers or mainlanders.

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