19 March 2019
Some netizens aren't convinced the backdrops are real. Photo: BBC News
Some netizens aren't convinced the backdrops are real. Photo: BBC News

Chinese police movie-style ads mocked

A police force in China has unveiled new advertisements that appear to be inspired by action movie posters.

The ads for the force in Fuyun county in Xinjiang province show officers holding guns in front of what seem to be artificial backgrounds, BBC News reported.

“Wherever there is danger, we are there,” one ad says above an image of five armed officers against the backdrop of a snow-covered mountain range.

An accompanying note on the official police Weibo page says: “This isn’t for show, this isn’t staged, this is the real scene from their training.”

Social media users mocked the ads.

“I am full of respect for the police, but this isn’t staged?!” one Weibo user wrote.

“This isn’t for show … are you insulting my intelligence?” another said.

However, the ads did receive compliments from female netizens.

“Heroes and hot men! Like like like!” one woman wrote, following that with a kissing emoticon.

Another wrote: “They’re so handsome.”

The Fuyun police aren’t the first to have caught the public eye with their action-movie-style ads.

In July last year, police in Chengdu, Sichuan province, posted online recruitment ads that included one officer doing a high kick and another posing with a crossbow.

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