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About Us

Welcome to our new-look website. We come to you in a more attractive package that is intuitive, interactive and easier to use.

This is the result of our decision to expand our coverage and introduce new features to get you more engaged, enlightened and entertained.

What’s more, it’s free.

You will find the most noticeable change in our extensive use of visuals. We have created sections, flagged the important stories and categorized them so you don’t have to.

Our flagship Insight section gets a makeover in look and feel while continuing to provide the usual crisp analysis of timely and relevant developments.

We will keep you up to date with the day’s hottest talking points in our City Focus which monitors trending topics. Moreover, our Business section gives you the latest information and breaks down important developments.

From China and Hong Kong news to regional and world news, our coverage spans a great variety of interests.

Stories are lighter and fast-moving and, like the rest of our content, they encourage discussion and wider interaction.

And for the first time, we are opening our website to bloggers. If you think you have something to contribute, you are welcome to join the conversation. In fact, we encourage you to do so.

As the English service of the Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong’s first Chinese financial newspaper, we aim to be more than a provider of online content. We want to be your source of information and insight you can use and share with others.

About HKEJ

The Hong Kong Economic Journal is a witness to the Hong Kong growth story.

Its history parallels that of Hong Kong for the best part of a half century, a period of dramatic economic, social, political and technological developments.

Since its founding in July 1973, HKEJ has set the pace for financial journalism as Hong Kong’s first Chinese business newspaper.

Today, it is at the forefront of the internet era, with a growing digital footprint, delivering diverse content that compliments its strengths as a premier newspaper publisher.