19 November 2019
Some Chinese tourists climb up cherry blossom trees and leave their garbage in a park in Japan, local media reported last month. Photo:
Some Chinese tourists climb up cherry blossom trees and leave their garbage in a park in Japan, local media reported last month. Photo:

Blacklist launched for misbehaving Chinese tourists

China has launched a system of blacklisting mainland tourists found to have behaved in an uncivilized manner during their overseas travels. Their records will be kept for up to two years.

In an internal document, the China National Tourism Association has asked all provincial governments, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country to help set up a nationwide blacklist system to record instances of improper behavior by Chinese tourists, the official Xinhua News Agency reported, adding that the new measures took effect on Monday.

Improper behavior includes disturbance of order in public transport, lack of hygiene in public facilities, violation of local customs, damaging historical scenes or artifacts, and any legal charges related to gaming and prostitution.

Media as well as direct reports will be accepted as references. Records will be kept for one to two years and will be sent to relevant government agencies if necessary.

Those who are put on the blacklist will receive a notice from their local tourist department. They are required to take remedial measures to remove their names from the list. 

If they deny the accusation leveled against them, they have the right to file an appeal to the tourist department of the provincial government, which should give a formal reply within 15 working days and correct the wrong record if necessary.

Officials who secretly change, destroy or abuse the information on the blacklist or intentionally provide wrong information will be punished.

Liu Simin, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Tourism Association, said the new blacklist system will go a long way to deter tourists from behaving improperly during the overseas trips. 

However, many netizens said on social media that the new measures will not be enough to change the situation as it takes time for tourists to get rid of the bad habits and attitudes. In fact, the blacklist does not provide legal grounds to restrict the bad tourists from traveling abroad again.

Others said the policy will only promote bribery, especially among officials who are in charge of the blacklist system.

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