18 August 2019
A section of the tunnel wall was heavily damaged when the cars careened off it, according to reports. Photos:
A section of the tunnel wall was heavily damaged when the cars careened off it, according to reports. Photos:

Questions emerge over Beijing supercar collision

Mystery deepened Tuesday over a high-speed crash involving a Lamborghini and a Ferrari driven by young men believed to be sons of China’s rich and powerful.

The cars collided during a late-night drag race in a Beijing tunnel on Saturday, resulting in minor injuries to one driver and serious damage to the 4 million yuan (US$643,149) vehicles, according to reports.

The two were roaring through the tunnel at 160 kilometers per hour when their cars touched and careened off a wall, state news agency Xinhua reported.

But a video clip posted online Monday evening appears to show the vehicles racing toward each other from opposite directions, with the Ferrari going against traffic.

The video was taken by a motorist in an adjacent lane where traffic appears to be normal.

[Watch the video]

A 21 year-old man, surnamed Tang, was driving the lime green Lamborghini while a 20-year-old male, surnamed Yu was in the red Ferrari.

They were arrested for dangerous driving.  

Pictures taken by witnesses show the Lamborghini almost completely destroyed with only the driver’s cockpit intact. The Ferrari appears to be also heavily damaged.

Witnesses said other drivers were waiting to race their supercars when the crash occurred but left before police arrived.

Tang, a Beijing native, said he was driving on a wet down slope and lost control, Legal Evening News reported.

And Tang’s mother told Beijing News her son was going to attend a birthday dinner and that the crash was due to heavy rain.

Children of China’s new rich are frequent targets of online mockery for their perceived arrogance and profligacy, Fox News reported.

They are widely seen as products of a corrupt system who flaunt their status and use their family influence to escape responsibility for their actions.

A netizen writing on the popular Sina Weibo microblog and calling himself “Lolita’s Uncle” said: “Check who their fathers are. If they’re businessmen, check their accounts. If they’re officials, check their corruption and bribes.”

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The mangled shell of a Lamborgini lies in a Beijing tunnel after colliding with a Ferrari. Photos: Beijing News, Weibo

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