12 December 2018
With better education and training opportunities, the sky's the limit for today's working women in terms of career goals. Photo:
With better education and training opportunities, the sky's the limit for today's working women in terms of career goals. Photo:

Career advice for ambitious women

As women increasingly break into traditionally male-dominated careers such as engineering, research & development and information technology, there is growing realization in society that the fairer sex cannot be seen as just primary caregivers in a family.

There are also significantly more women in leadership and management roles nowadays.

Interestingly, Hong Kong is outperforming its regional peers including Singapore, Japan and India in terms of the representation of women at middle and senior levels.

Randstad Award 2015 research found that women and men are motivated by similar incentives in the workplace including salary & employee benefits, pleasant working atmosphere, good work-life balance and career progression opportunities.

Needless to say, with better education and training opportunities to attain skills that are sought by employers, women across the board have become much bolder in carving out career goals and are better able to seize the opportunities that can accelerate their climb up the corporate ladder.

The following tips will help women thrive in their careers and move forward in today’s world of work.

1. Seize opportunities and attempt diverse assignments

Taking on new tasks that you are not necessarily familiar with or those that fall outside of your job scope can give you the ability to show your capabilities in managing new or challenging tasks. Show initiative and ask for a variety of assignments and demonstrate your willingness and potential to embrace growth and challenges. This will send a powerful message that you are ready to take your career to greater heights.

2. Build a strong professional network

The cliché “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” holds significant meaning. Maintain contact with professionals in your industry sector ― from a diverse range of companies, roles and levels ― to stay ahead of industry trends. You will continue to learn through exposure to their experiences, and by keeping in touch regularly you could land that promotion or dream job you have been eyeing a lot sooner.

3. Take control of your career path and goals

Many women have ambitious career goals but can make the mistake of being hesitant to share them with others, especially with their employer. By articulating your career objectives and actively communicating your positive contribution and development plans to strengthen your weaknesses with your manager, you will be able to receive valuable feedback and advice on how to steer your career goals in the right direction.

4. Shape your employee profile

Build strong relationships with your colleagues. Whether they are in your current team or from another business unit, associating with colleagues from across the business will help you maintain visibility and gain invaluable exposure to different areas of expertise. You will be top-of-mind for co-divisional projects and you never know when an opportunity for a career side-step might come up to expand your skill set.

With the emergence of more opportunities for women to shine in the workplace, now is the time for women to be confident, seize opportunities and thrive in the world of work.

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