23 January 2019
Vanilla has been removed from the ingredients in the new Milo (right). Photo: Radio NZ
Vanilla has been removed from the ingredients in the new Milo (right). Photo: Radio NZ

NZ Milo rejig leaves bad taste in the mouth

Milo in New Zealand tastes of “wheat” after a recipe change that has sent the country into a panic, Australia’s The New Daily reported.

The vitamin mix in Milo has changed, and the vanilla flavor has been removed, which some customers have said weakens the malted chocolate drink and makes it taste off.

The Milo Facebook page has been flooded with calls from New Zealanders to change the recipe back, something parent company Nestlé has said it won’t do.

“RIP Milo,” wrote Andrew Claxton, who said he’d been drinking Milo since he was a child.

“My chocolate milk drinking world is no longer what it used to be.”

Facebook user Daniel Peter Glubb wrote on the company’s page: “The new milo tastes disgusting why would you change the recipe! If you want to change why not just bring out a new flavour called malty or something instead.” 

Rhonda Stokes wrote, “Ewwww YUCK my 4 year old tells me.” 

“My daughter has been complaining that it tasted different, she said it wasn’t chocolatey enough and tasted of wheat,” wrote Dawn Pollard.

Another page has been set up to campaign for the drink to be switched back to the old recipe.

“Sorry Nestlé — epic fail. It is crap,” Susan Monkman wrote.

Kylie Quigley wrote, “I’ve been wondering what had happened to milo I won’t be buying it unless I can find the old milo … We have already decided we’re changing to hot chocolate.” 

The recipe change will not affect Milo sold in Australia, the report said.

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