18 September 2019
Winnie Yeung and Daniel Chu warn of the ill effects of overwork. Photo: RTHK
Winnie Yeung and Daniel Chu warn of the ill effects of overwork. Photo: RTHK

5 out of 6 HK employees suffer from back, shoulder, neck pain

Five out of six Hong Kong employees suffer from muscle pain in their backs, shoulders and necks as a result of long working hours and work pressure, a survey shows.

Cimigo, a market research organization, surveyed 508 workers aged between 30 and 59.

The poll showed 84 percent of employees experienced such symptoms of fatigue over the past 12 months. 

About 82 percent of the participants in the survey said overwork hurts their daily performance.

And 43 percent of the respondents said overwork negatively affects their family, while 39 percent said it affects their personal emotions.

However, most of the respondents would not reject overwork, as they want to make more money for their families, a Sing Tao Daily report quoted Winnie Yeung, executive director of Cimigo, as saying. 

Yeung said the government should push forward the implementation of standard working hours and promote flexible working hours so as to allow employees to maintain a work-life balance.

Dr. Daniel Chu Wai-sing told RTHK many people cannot recover from tiredness, because of the poor quality of their sleep. 

He said 74 percent of the respondents were in no mood to hang out with friends on holidays, showing that overwork has hurt their social life. 

Their health will deteriorate over the long run, Chu said.

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