27 January 2020
Chan Kin-por (left) was challenged to take part in a direct election against Leung Kwok-hung (right). Photos: HKEJ
Chan Kin-por (left) was challenged to take part in a direct election against Leung Kwok-hung (right). Photos: HKEJ

Long Hair challenges insurance lawmaker to direct election

“Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung, the legislator for New Territories East, said lawmaker Chan Kin-por, who represents the insurance functional constituency, should take him on in a direct election if he thinks he is a better candidate.

In a Legislative Council meeting Monday about the amendment of election rules, Chan, who was unopposed in the election for his sector, said lawmakers who got “zero votes” in the functional constituencies are actually the strongest players in their sectors, as no one dared to challenge them.

He said it is unreasonable for people to criticize the lawmakers who were returned unopposed as being unrepresentative.

“Zero votes actually means full votes,” Chan was quoted as saying in a RTHK report.

He said functional constituency lawmakers are pragmatic and provide a lot of positive energy to Legco against the uncooperative pan-democracy camp.

They help push forward economic development and provide upward mobility opportunities for young people, Chan said.

Functional constituency lawmakers have the highest attendance rates and are the earliest to arrive at Legco meetings, he claimed.

Chan said some lawmakers in the opposition camp, who were mainly elected by voters in direct elections in geographical constituencies, make no contribution to society.

All they know is how to reject government bills, he said.

Chan said many such lawmakers are incompetent.

“If you think directly elected lawmakers are incompetent, why don’t you take part in the direct election and eliminate me?” said Leung, who is fighting to change all the functional constituency seats into directly elected ones.

Labor Party chairman Lee Cheuk-yan, who was elected to represent New Territories West, said all that functional constituency lawmakers know how to do is vote for all the government’s bills, so as to get benefits for their sectors.

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