24 April 2019
A man strolls calmly holding a sword as a woman lies bloodied on the ground. Photos: WSJ
A man strolls calmly holding a sword as a woman lies bloodied on the ground. Photos: WSJ

Woman stabbed dead by man with sword outside Beijing Uniqlo

In front of a Uniqlo store in Beijing that became famous last month for a video of a young couple having sex in a fitting room, fresh videos and photos shot Thursday quickly went viral.

They were of a woman being stabbed to death by a man with a sword.

Photos and videos — many of them graphic – of the attack in broad daylight in the city’s upmarket Sanlitun entertainment district spread like wildfire across the WeChat and Weibo social messaging platforms, The Wall Street Journal reported.

A 25-year-old man surnamed Gao from Jilin province is in police custody, Beijing police said in a statement on their Weibo account.

A Frenchman, whose name and age were not given, was also injured, the statement said.

A preliminary investigation found that the attacker stabbed the two passersby “without cause or reason” at the south end of Sanlitun’s popular bar street, where the Uniqlo store is located, police said.

Both victims were taken to hospital.

The woman, who was from Shandong province, was later declared dead, police said, without naming her.

In one video, the assailant is shown calmly strolling in front of the entrance of the Japanese fashion retailer’s flagship store in Beijing, holding a long sword in one hand.

He then tosses the blade aside and lies down on the ground in front of a group of police officers, who arrest him, the report said.

At the end of the video, the camera pans over to a wounded woman lying on the pavement.

A man is hunched over her blood-stained body as several bystanders look on.

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The attack occurred outside the Uniqlo store that became famous as the site of a sex video last month. Photo: WSJ

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