18 October 2018
Hong Kong Army Cadets group was launched earlier this year to promote nationalism among local youth. Photo: CNSA
Hong Kong Army Cadets group was launched earlier this year to promote nationalism among local youth. Photo: CNSA

HKACA seeks to enroll children of disciplinary forces officers

As part of its enrollment efforts, the Hong Kong Army Cadets Association has now set its sights on young people who have family members serving in the disciplinary task forces.

Officers in the disciplinary forces have recently received a text message that calls on the officials to encourage their children and young relatives to join the cadets group that was launched earlier this year, according to Ming Pao Daily.

The message was said to have been sent by Luk Hoi-ho, a retired police chief inspector who is currently serving as the training officer for the Hong Kong Army Cadets (HKAC).

The move comes as the group aims to expand its membership and promote nationalism among local youth.

Cadets will be given various lessons and training, which will include Chinese military marches and PLA boxing techniques.

Luk has confirmed that the message was sent by him to his friends, most of whom are members of the disciplinary forces, the report said.

Li Hong-man, HKAC’s executive director and a retired chief inspector, meanwhile declined to comment when questioned about the targeted number for the enrollment drive. 

But he stressed that HKAC is open to all and that it will be no different from any other uniformed group in Hong Kong in that respect. Training sections would be arranged at PLA barracks in near future if necessary.

There are many different ways to serve the country, said Li.

Obedience is one of the traits to be inculcated into members of HKAC, he said, but added that the move has nothing to do with last year’s Occupy Central movement.

Ngai Sik-shui, chairman of the immigration service officers association, said he believes that given the “one country, two systems”, young people in Hong Kong need to improve their understanding of China.

He dismissed suggestions that authorities were seeking to brainwash the youth. 

Nip Yuen-fung, chairman of Hong Kong fire services department staff general association, also said he doesn’t think that HKAC has any ulterior motives.

Nip added that he wouldn’t stop his own children from joining the new group if they wish to do so.

Established in January, HKAC has been backed by many members of the establishment, including Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, Liaison Office director Zhang Xiaoming and People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong commander Tan Benhong.

Former police commissioners Dick Lee Ming-kwai and Tang King-shing are on its advisory board.

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