20 September 2018
The woman jumped off a building on Tong Mei Street in Mong Kok on Wednesday. Photos: Metro Daily, Apple Daily
The woman jumped off a building on Tong Mei Street in Mong Kok on Wednesday. Photos: Metro Daily, Apple Daily

Pregnant woman plunges to death, leaving behind two kids

A 32-year-old pregnant woman jumped to her death in Mong Kok on Wednesday, an apparent suicide.

The woman, surnamed Kong, lived with her 44-year-old boyfriend, surnamed Chan, and two daughters, one two and a half years old and the other eight months old.

Chan worked as a “mud chip dealer”, an agent who earns commissions by trading a casino’s chips to gamblers in Macau, but lost his job recently, Apple Daily reported, citing unnamed sources.

The family rents a unit on Tong Mei Street for HK$7,800 a month, but since they could no longer afford the rent, they decided to move to Cheung Chau where the rent is more affordable.

According to the newspaper, the couple used to have a smooth relationship, but Kong later developed an addiction to sleeping pills, which became the source of arguments.

When Kong became pregnant, the couple decided that she should have an abortion as she was emotionally unstable and would find it hard to take care of a third child.

However, the woman struggled with the decision, the report said.

Early on Wednesday, the couple had another argument about Kong’s pills and their plan to move.

Before Chan left home, Kong told him to “take good care of our daughters”.

Chan did not pay attention to her words, but he later found out that she had jumped off their building in Mong Kok around 1 p.m.

Police said Kong’s emotional problems could have aggravated her depression.

Raymond Ng Wai-Cham, supervisor of the Family Wellness Centre at YWCA, said pregnancy should be a happy period for the family. However, hormonal changes as well as pressures from work and family could affect the mother emotionally.

If not handled properly, such problems could lead to prenatal depression, he said.

Family members should pay attention and seek professional help if needed.

People suffering from emotional problems may contact The Samaritans, a non-religious charity that provides 24-hour multilingual suicide prevention and emotional support (+852 2896-0000; email address: [email protected]).

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