18 January 2020
A view of Ma On Shan Country Park from Pyramid Hill. Photo: HKEJ
A view of Ma On Shan Country Park from Pyramid Hill. Photo: HKEJ

Luk Chau Shan: Why it rocks

Ma On Shan Country Park, established in 1979, offers some of the most dramatic scenery in Hong Kong and also houses many other natural attractions.

Luk Chau Shan (鹿巢山), which is located next to Ma On Shan Village, is famous for rocks of different shapes. Meanwhile, there is also the steep Pyramid Hill (大金鐘) nearby, which can test the endurance of hikers. 

Glancing at Luk Chau Shan from a distance, it appears as a rock jungle. It is particularly magnificent when you arrive at Shek Lung Tsai (石壟仔), where rocks come so abundant that you find yourself trekking in a small stream of stones.

The rocks there are so interesting that one can’t but help giving each of them a nickname. The “canoe rock”, for instance, is a must-see for visitors, who often pose for pictures sitting inside the structure and pretending to paddle the “canoe”.

Animal lovers can also easily spot the “lizard rock” and the “crocodile rock”. Some hungry souls, meanwhile, can also see delicious “rock cakes” out there.

According to geologists, there was once an active volcano near Ma On Shan around 130 million years ago. Today’s Luk Chau Shan is the result of the weathering tuffs originally formed by the accumulation of the rocks and ash spewed by the volcano.

Pyramid Hill, as the name suggests, looks like an Egyptian pyramid. But for the local Chinese, instead of associating it with a faraway foreign tomb, the shape of it reminds them of a spectacular goldbell housed inside an ancient temple.

The steep gradient requires people to put in much effort to overcome this moderately tall (536 meters) hill.

Once you manage to climb the hill, you are rewarded with panoramic views of the Sha Tin borders and Sai Kung.

Getting there:

To go to Ma On Shan Village: Take the village bus NR84 at On Luk Street, Ma On Shan.

To leave from Shui Long Wo: Take bus route 299X to Sai Kung Town Center or to Sha Tin Town Center.

Time: About four and a half hours

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Nov. 5.

Translation by Darlie Yiu

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Pyramid Hill as seen from the top of Luk Chau Shan. Photo:

From a distance, Luk Chau Shan appears as a rock jungle. Photo:

This is the "canoe rock", one of the favored spots of hikers for picture-taking sessions. Photo: HKEJ

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