15 September 2019
Mandy Tam (R) is facing accusations that she instructed management staff at a residential building to keep a tab on Joseph Lam (L). Photos: HKEJ, Headline Daily
Mandy Tam (R) is facing accusations that she instructed management staff at a residential building to keep a tab on Joseph Lam (L). Photos: HKEJ, Headline Daily

Mandy Tam in privacy violation row involving Joseph Lam

Mandy Tam Heung-man, who is seeking re-election for a seat at the Lung Sing constituency in Wong Tai Sin in district council elections this month, has been accused of infringing the privacy of another candidate, Joseph Lam, by misusing her position at a private residential estate.

Tam, who is the chairperson of the incorporated owners of a Galaxia building in Diamond Hill, is facing allegations that she instructed some security guards from the Galaxia management company to monitor the activities of Lam, who lives at the same building, Headline Daily reported.

Lam, who turned a barrister this year at the age of 26, is the boyfriend of Louisa Mak, who was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2015.

Images of Lam captured from Galaxia’s CCTV recordings, as well as pictures taken with mobile phones, were said to have been passed in WhatsApp group chats involving Tam and several staffers from the building’s management office.

Tam is believed to have instructed management office staff to file complaints with the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) against Lam for allegedly taking his electoral campaign into the private premises.

When the complaints were not accepted by the EAC, Tam is said to have vented her displeasure at the management company, saying that “it is disappointing that ISS Eastpoint (the management company) cannot execute instructions”.

According to sources provided to Headline Daily, several management office staff had left messages in the group chat that they would badmouth Lam so that he would lose support from residents. However, there were no mentions of any specific tactics they would use.

In a letter obtained by the newspaper’s reporters, which was sent from the electoral officer of the Lung Sing constituency to the management office of Galaxia, the officer acknowledged receipt of a complaint filed by the management office against Lam.

However, the officer has attached a guideline on collecting personal data, which seemed to suggest that the use of captured CCTV images might not be appropriate.

A management officer who didn’t want to be identified told reporters that they were once told by the EAC that using CCTV captures could violate the privacy ordinance.

When approached by reporters on Thursday, Tam admitted to seeing Joseph Lam’s photos taken by the management office, but added that it was necessary for her to look into the matter as she was the chairperson of the owners’ corporation.

She had to take note as there had been complaints that some district council election candidates had conducted promotional campaigns in private premises in violation of rules.

The Lung Sing constituency consists of some 19,000 residents from the HOS housing estate Lung Poon Court and the private estate Galaxia. 

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