24 May 2019
Lau Ming-wai (inset, right) beat Neo Yau (left) in a "male god" contest, which wasn't too surprising. Photos: RTHK
Lau Ming-wai (inset, right) beat Neo Yau (left) in a "male god" contest, which wasn't too surprising. Photos: RTHK

Lau vs Yau: Why it’s a no contest, really

It’s not for nothing that Hong Kong’s young women have earned a reputation for being quite picky in their choice of partners.

On an RTHK program on Jan. 2, a group of females was asked to pick their dream guy from two options, based solely on a question-answer session with the purported suitors.

The two men’s faces were covered, so the women had to make their choices without knowing what the guys looked like.

The men on the RTHK program “Who am I?” actually happened to be Lau Ming-wai (劉鳴煒), the super-rich son of property tycoon Joseph Lau Luen-hung, and young performing artist Neo Yau Hok-sau (游學修).

They were bombarded with a series of questions from the dozen or so ladies on various topics. 

Among the queries was this one: What would you do if you had taken your girlfriend out for dinner with just HK$100? 

And then this: Would you be willing to sacrifice your job if you were called for Occupy protests?

Not surprisingly, Lau, who is 36 years in age and a pro-establishment figure, failed to answer those two questions properly.

This helped Yau, a 25-year-old member of the political satire and parody song group Mocking Jer (學舌鳥), which drew a lot of attention during the 2014 Umbrella Movement, score initial lead.

Yau, in fact, led all the way until the second round when participants in the “Who am I?” program finally realized who Lau really was.

Once the business tycoon’s identity became known, most of the females began giving higher scores to Lau citing his overall “package”, with one lady even making a point about his “cute eyes”.

The dramatic turn in events caught even Lau by surprise, who later commented in a Facebook post that the young women appeared to take an extremely “realistic” approach.

Meanwhile, Yau, who acted in the recent film “She Remembers, He Forgets (哪一天我們會飛)”, offered some compliments to his rival.

Lau looks like a polite upper class gentleman, which may perhaps make some people wonder if he is too good to be true, Yau said.

It was a fair comment.

Now, coming back to the changed female preferences, who can blame them for giving more points to Lau?

After all, apart from being a business family scion, he is also a rising political star as chairman of the Commission for Youth, and standing in line for the chairmanship of Ocean Park (he is currently serving as vice chairman).

With a family wealth of over HK$30 billion, Lau is of course not an easy catch for any girl.

After an unsuccessful marriage and some dalliances, Lau is now said to be dating someone again.

There is no doubt that his so-called “package”, comprising mature looks, money and fame, is far more alluring for the opposite sex, compared to Yau’s charms.

The result of the RTHK poll was not surprising.

But it was interesting that while Lau won hands down in the second round, he failed to gain the heart of a female participant who asked the tycoon which political party he would vote for.

Rather than giving a straight-forward answer, Lau responded with two questions.

“Don’t you think all political parties in town are rubbish? None of them really represent me because they are either too old, or they do not know how to play the political game.”

Next, Lau went on to ask the lady if she would break up with her boyfriend just because they have different opinions.

The lady replied, without much hesitation, that she would indeed break up immediately.

In an interview later, Lau said he was surprised that the lady said she will choose to break up if her boyfriend had an opposite political stance. He would regard such person as being overly-emotional, he said.

Lau won the title of “male god” in the TV game but he also reminded people that he inhabits a world different from the rest of us.

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