16 July 2019
A bus driver could be held liable for the unauthorized use of company property. Photo: Wikipedia
A bus driver could be held liable for the unauthorized use of company property. Photo: Wikipedia

Shanghai woman gets a bigger than usual car-hailing service

Car-hailing service is now the in thing in the mainland, but a Shanghai commuter got a big surprise when the vehicle that came to fetch her was a bit bigger than she had expected.

The woman, surnamed Chen, said she used Dida Pinche (嘀嗒拼車), a popular carpooling app in the mainland, to seek a ride home from the Shanghai train station at about 11 p.m. early this month, Apple Daily reported, citing mainland media reports.

The app responded, notifying her that a red SUV would arrive soon. The car’s driver also called her to confirm her location.

To her surprise, however, the vehicle that came to pick her up was not an SUV but a bus.

The 34-year-old driver explained that he is a bus driver who works for Dida Pinche on a part-time basis.

Since he just finished his shift as a bus driver, he thought it would take some time for him to return to the bus station and change to his SUV.

So he decided to use the bus, which is by now empty, to pick her up.

The woman said it was her first time to ride on a bus with her as the lone passenger.

She said the experience was a bit weird but she was happy to be taken home. She gave the driver a four yuan (60 US cents) tip after the 30-minute ride.

A Dida Pinche staffer said customers should report to the company if they were served by a car that is inconsistent with their order, and the driver would receive a warning or even get fired. The driver is prohibited from using the vehicle for another firm or service.

A lawyer said the bus driver profited illegally from the bus service and could be charged with duty encroachment.

He also said the bus company could not be held liable for any accident that may occur as a result of the illegal use of the vehicle.

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