25 March 2019
Leticia Lee has a history of being involved in civil claims in court over two decades. Photo: HKEJ
Leticia Lee has a history of being involved in civil claims in court over two decades. Photo: HKEJ

Blue ribbon icon Leticia Lee dethroned after defaulting on loans

Leticia Lee See-yin, founding chairwoman of Justice Alliance and a leading light of the anti-Occupy “blue ribbon” movement, was kicked out of the pro-government party, Ming Pao Daily reported Thursday.

Justice Alliance’s two vice-chairmen, Choi Hak-kin and Shum Ho-bun, condemned Lee in a news conference Wednesday for misappropriating funds received from the public and failing to repay debts estimated at nearly HK$1 million (US$130,000).

Choi said Lee was removed from her chairmanship and that her membership of the party was nullified with immediate effect.

Lee told reporters the allegations were untrue but admitted she had borrowed nearly HK$700,000 from fellow party members.

She said she has repaid a large part of that sum.

Lee said HK$330,000 of the funds were wired to a doctor friend overseas, but the doctor has been three months late in repaying her.

She also admitted that she received donations made to Justice Alliance, saying the funds were used to pay salaries and for the party’s expenses.

Lee said she is hosting a news conference Thursday to make public the books of the party and will disclose information relating to other parties’ attempts to interfere with the operations of Justice Alliance.

In a media interview, Choi said Lee failed to issue receipts when she collected donations made to Justice Alliance and that she did not inform fellow party members of the income.

They only found out about the donations after the donors filed complaints.

The alleged sums that have gone missing amount to HK$220,000, Choi said.

He said Lee also borrowed money from several members of the party amounting to a combined HK$800,000-HK$900,000.

Although all these loans were witnessed by solicitors and had confidentiality clauses in the loan agreements, the creditors decided to expose Lee after she defaulted on the loans, Choi said.

He said the party members concerned made reports to the police on Feb. 20.

The case is now being investigated as a suspected fraud, Choi said. reports that court records suggest Lee was involved in at least 20 civil claims between 1992 and 2012, including issuing several dishonored cheques, as well as several cases of rent or payments being owed.

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