22 September 2019
Signals from four mainland radio stations led by China National Radio can be clearly received in Hong Kong. Photo: HKEJ
Signals from four mainland radio stations led by China National Radio can be clearly received in Hong Kong. Photo: HKEJ

Mainland radio stations invade Hong Kong airwaves

Four mainland radio stations led by China National Radio appear to have invaded the local airwaves.

Signals from the Shenzhen People’s Broadcasting Radio (89.8 MHz), Guangdong People’s Radio (91.8 MHz), Central People’s Radio (95.8 MHz) and China Radio International (107.1 MHz) can all be clearly received in Hong Kong, Apple Daily reports.

Currently, only three licensed radio broadcasters are renting the frequency band from FM88 to 108 Mhz of the local radio broadcast spectrum for radio services.

In a bid to avoid interferences from mainland radio spectrums, Hong Kong and the Guangdong provincial government entered into an agreement in 2000 on certain frequency coordination arrangements.

Under the arrangements, the signals at the transmitting stations near the border have been adjusted down so as not to cover any of the mainland regions.

However, it was found that over 10 mainland radio stations can be received by radio listeners living in northern New Territories and Ap Lei Chau in the southern district.

In at least 11 spots in Hong Kong, the intensity of broadcast signals from mainland radio stations exceeded -120 dBm/Hz, meaning ordinary radios used at home could easily pick up the signals, according to a series of tests conducted by associate professor Cheung Sing-wai at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Hong Kong.

At the government headquarters in Admiralty, signals of all 10 mainland radio stations can be easily picked up, with the signal intensity of the Shenzhen People’s Radio reaching a strong level of -98 dBm/Hz.

Even down south at Ap Lei Chau, signals of five mainland radios can be received, with the signal intensity reaching -111 dBm/Hz.

At Robin’s Nest at Sha Tau Kok, which is near the Shenzhen border, the signal intensity from mainland radio stations is highest at -61 dBm/Hz, which is around 1,000 times stronger than that of Commercial Radio Hong Kong.

The Office of the Communications Authority said the local FM frequency band is shared with mainland broadcasters and regulators from both sides have entered into a non-interference agreement.

The OFCA admitted that it is possible to receive mainland radio signals in Hong Kong, but it would not affect local residents tuning into local radio channels.

Since 2014, the office has only received seven complaints relating to radio signal interferences, and all of them were found to have been caused by the users’ radio sets.

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