19 November 2018
The new design (inset) of the traditional White Rabbit milk candy looks very different from the original one. Photos:,
The new design (inset) of the traditional White Rabbit milk candy looks very different from the original one. Photos:,

White Rabbit milk candy goes premium with Agnes b partnership

China’s popular White Rabbit Creamy Candy has adopted new premium packaging and pricing following a partnership deal with well-known French fashion brand Agnes b.

The maker of the traditional milky-colored candy recently rolled out light blue and pink editions of the household sweet, with a limited-quantity tin box edition carrying the Agnes b logo.

The blue edition containing milk flavored candies is priced at 65 yuan per 128 gram tin, while the pink edition containing red bean-flavored candies is selling for 68 yuan per tin.

The prices of the new products are ten times that of the ordinary version of the candy, Xinhua news agency noted Wednesday.

Some marketing specialists have praised the innovative marketing strategy of the candymaker, noting the big premium that comes with the addition of an overseas brandname on a local product.

Before the repackaging, the rabbit candy was selling for 0.25 yuan per piece. The price has now gone up nine times with the Agnes b name.

It is said that the rabbit candy manufacturer, Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Ltd., spent 18 months to hammer out the cooperation deal with Agnes b, before the limited-quantity edition was unveiled last November.

Young consumers are embracing the new products due to their beautiful packaging and the perception that they will make great gifts for their sweethearts.

A customer surnamed Li told Xinhua that she finds the new edition of the candy, which can serve as a gift, still affordable at under 70 yuan per 128 gram tin.

The White Rabbit Creamy Candy originated at the ABC Candy Factory of Shanghai in 1943, when a merchant from ABC tried a milk candy from England and liked the taste.

After half a year of development, he came up with an own brand of milk candies that had a red Mickey Mouse-like symbol on the label.

In 1949, ABC Candy Factory was restructured and renamed as Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan, and the Mickey Mouse drawing was replaced with a rabbit.

In 1959, the candy was named an official gift product in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Republic of China. In 1972, the white candy was given to US President Richard Nixon when he made a landmark state visit to China.

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