22 July 2018
A story about a job interview that never was has gone viral on the internet. Photo: HKEJ
A story about a job interview that never was has gone viral on the internet. Photo: HKEJ

Job seeker’s story goes viral on social media

The tale of how a young job seeker gave up a job interview because the manager who was scheduled to meet him was 30 minutes late has gone viral on social media.

A Facebook post recounts how the job applicant told a member of the human resource staff it was disappointing that the manager was late to the job interview because of other appointments.

“I have an expectation of this company, just like it has an expectation of me,” the job seeker said.

“The meeting is 30 minutes late. If you have an appointment with a client, will you be half an hour late?” 

The HR staff member replied: “It’s up to you. Waiting for the boss is a common practice.” 

The job seeker, who is said to be a member of the “post-’90s” generation, talked back: “People of your generation are too servile.” 

The post, uploaded by Kengo Ip, who is an opinion leader on the internet, has received 12,000 likes and has been shared 2,700 times over the past few days. Ip wrote “Post-’90s…” as an introduction to the post. 

While some netizens said the young person’s attitude may result in fewer job opportunities, many other netizens support what he did.

One said the job seeker did not do anything wrong, as a job interview is for the recruiter and applicant to understand each other.

Another netizen praised the job seeker for having the courage to speak out in an unfair situation.

Some netizens said the human resource staff should apologize if the meeting failed to proceed as scheduled.

They said that, despite a sluggish job market, applicants are not begging for job opportunities.

Chloe Chow contributed to this article.

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