18 March 2018
Activist Billy Chiu is often seen waving the Hong Kong colonial flag during street protests. Photos: HKEJ
Activist Billy Chiu is often seen waving the Hong Kong colonial flag during street protests. Photos: HKEJ

Group seeks return of British rule, HK independence

A group of activists seeking the return of British rule and Hong Kong independence will field candidates for all the five geographical constituencies in the upcoming Legislative Council elections.

Billy Chiu Hin-chung said he will be one of the candidates of the group called Alliance of Resuming British Sovereignty over Hong Kong and Independence (RBSI) (香港歸英獨立聯盟), which was formally established on Sunday, Headline Daily reports.

Chiu said seeking the return of British rule in Hong Kong is only the group’s transitional goal and its ultimate objective is the city’s independence.

The group is also proposing that children of all foreigners, including those from mainland China, should not be issued Hong Kong birth certificates even if they are born in the city; that the Chinese History subject being taught in schools be replaced with Hong Kong History; and that a Hong Kong self-defense force be established.

Asked if the RBSI would collaborate with localist groups, Chiu said his group does not see Hong Kong Indigenous and Hong Kong National Party as allies, and considers Civic Passion, Proletariat Political Institute and City-State Camp as enemies.

Chiu, who founded the now defunct political group called Hongkongers Priority, said he is very confident that RBSI candidates will win in the September elections.

He said candidates will fund their own campaigns with a budget of around HK$80,000 for each geographical constituency.

Should it fail to win any seats in Legco, Chiu said the RBSI will continue with the “revolution” outside the establishment and resort to violence as a means to achieve its goals, news website said.

“It would be ridiculous to discuss if our actions would be anti-constitutional when we are seeking independence,” Chiu was quoted as saying.

According to Chiu, the RBSI now has around 30 members from all walks of life, including office workers, laborers, nurses and teachers.

The RBSI has yet to register with the police and is currently using the business registration of an inactive building company.

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