19 April 2018
The District Court judge will sentence Maribel David on July 13. Photo: HKEJ
The District Court judge will sentence Maribel David on July 13. Photo: HKEJ

Overstaying maid pleads guilty to unlawful abortion

In the District Court Wednesday, a Filipino domestic helper admitted violating her conditions of stay, taking drugs to procure an abortion and preventing the lawful burial of a body, Apple Daily reported Thursday.

After learning that Cytotec, a medication for preventing stomach ulcers, could lead to an abortion as a side effect, Maribel Hernandez David, 38, bought 20 tablets without a doctor’s prescription from a local pharmacy on Jan. 5.

Already eight months into her pregnancy, she took 12 tablets of Cytotec within eight hours the same day.

David came to Hong Kong to work as a domestic helper in 2012 and did not return to the Philippines when her contract ended in 2014.

Last year, she moved into a subdivided flat in North Point rented by another Filipino.

David found she was pregnant in May last year but never saw a doctor for check-ups.

The father of the baby was reportedly her boyfriend, an expatriate working in Hong Kong.

The court heard that David gave birth to a lifeless baby of unknown gender on a North Point street using a black plastic bag to cover herself up, then dumped the infant’s body in a garbage can.

She fell to the floor from a bunk bed on the morning of Jan. 6 and was found to be bleeding between her thighs.

David refused to have the police called but was eventually taken to a hospital.

Cytotec is widely used as an abortion drug in mainland China, although doctors have warned that it is an extremely dangerous method.

Police were unable to locate the body of the infant.

David’s lawyer told the judge it is a tragic case and that the domestic helper is willing to shoulder her share of responsibility, while the drugstore that sold her the drug without a prescription is also to blame.

The judge will hand down a sentence on July 13 after reading a background report on the defendant.

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