23 July 2019
A mainland woman got away with a fine after showing remorse following an attack on a flight attendant in July. Photos: RTHK, baidu
A mainland woman got away with a fine after showing remorse following an attack on a flight attendant in July. Photos: RTHK, baidu

Mainland woman fined for throwing juice at Cathay stewardess

A mainland woman was fined HK$4,000 by a Hong Kong court on Wednesday after she admitted to one count of common assault following a “juice attack” on a Cathay Pacific flight attendant. 

The defendant, a 37-year-old surnamed Xu, admitted that she threw juice at an airline stewardess in July following an argument over inflight meals.

She said lost control of herself as she had been under great stress looking after her family following a long Dubai trip.

Saying that she was ready to issue an apology to the stewardess, Xu beseeched a magistrate to impose a fine-only sentence, Apple Daily reported.

The judge said that although common assault charge could warrant a jail term, a fine would be appropriate on this occasion as it was Xu’s first offence and she had expressed remorse.

A fine will do as the flight attendant was also not injured in the incident, the judge said.

Xu was taken to court after she threw orange juice at a flight attendant on July 29 while returning with her family after a trip to Dubai.

The family took a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong where they were scheduled to board another aircraft to go their hometown of Wuhan in China. 

Xu was traveling with five other family members, including two aged over 70 and three children. The youngest among the kids was just two months old, while the oldest was 7 years in age.

During the flight, Xu is reported to have had an argument with a flight attendant surnamed Chan after the latter didn’t give an extra meal set for the children despite a request.

Apparently, Chan told Xu that she can do something only if there is a meal left after all the passengers are served.

But the reply didn’t satisfy Xu, prompting her to fly into a rage.

As Chan was hauling a beverage cart at the time, a baby girl that Xu was holding in her arms tried to grab a glass of orange juice, causing some of the beverage to spill onto Xu’s clothes.

At this point, Xu exploded. She grabbed the orange juice from the girl and threw it at Chan.

The incident was brought to the notice of the flight captain, who alerted airport police in Hong Kong.

When the aircraft landed, police officers boarded the plane and arrested Xu. Prosecutors then laid charges of common assault.

The case came to a close Wednesday with a judge deciding to let off Xu with a fine.

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