24 July 2019
A social media post (inset) of Crystal Fung during the 2014 Occupy Movement. The newly-crowed Miss Hong Kong has evoked mixed reactions among netizens. Photos: Facebook/TVB, Crystal Fung
A social media post (inset) of Crystal Fung during the 2014 Occupy Movement. The newly-crowed Miss Hong Kong has evoked mixed reactions among netizens. Photos: Facebook/TVB, Crystal Fung

Let’s not be judgmental about our new Miss Hong Kong

If you expect your Miss Hong Kong to be always prim and proper and never say anything unladylike, you are perhaps living in the wrong time. 

Given the fraught social and political environment in the city, can we really blame if our pageant winners let us know that they are like the rest of us when it comes to using colorful language?

In case you are wondering why this topic has come up now, it is all thanks to our latest title holder – Crystal Fung Ying-ying.

Fung, who was crowned Miss Hong Kong at the annual TVB pageant on Sunday, has found herself at the center of a storm over her utterances and social media posts in the past. 

Following her win, netizens pored through her Facebook page and dug up posts where Fung had used cuss words as she vented her feelings on topics that agitated her mind. 

Fung’s anger was particularly evident as she commented on political news related to Hong Kong, with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying among the targets. 

Fung, who graduated recently in Food and Nutritional Science from the University of Hong Kong, is apparently not a fan of Leung, going by her critical posts on his administration.

Netizens pointed out that she sometimes used swear words as she criticized the Leung regime, language that seemed out of place for a Miss Hong Kong.

In one post written during the Occupy Central movement, Fung questioned the validity of Leung’s claims that the democracy street protests had affected emergency services in the city.

“CY Leung should at least collect all evidence before coming out to speak,” Fung wrote.

Suggesting that the chief executive should speak to his colleagues before rushing to make public pronouncements, Fung said she found the whole thing stupid.

What was interesting is that she peppered her language with swear words, which we won’t repeat here.

She was also critical of Leung after the latter suggested that the religious and sports sectors were not contributing to the Hong Kong economy.

Given that she is a graduate of HKU, which was in the eye of a storm in relation to some high-level appointments, Fung’s anger at the establishment is understandable.

But that doesn’t mean she can use coarse language on social media, some netizens said, accusing Fung of failing to meet the standards that would expect from a Miss Hong Kong. 

But others rushed to her defense and praised her outspokenness.

Anyway, how many people can you find in Hong Kong nowadays who do not swear or use coarse language, her supporters asked.

While debates rage in online forums over whether Fung deserves the Miss Hong Kong title, the 22-year-old has something certainly going for her — she is honest about her views.

“‘I am a homegrown girl who cares so much about the Hong Kong affairs,” said Fung. “I love it so much, so I blame it so much. Without my strong passion, I would not have said those strong words.”

She said she doesn’t use foul language in daily life because she knows a lady should be elegant and conduct herself with grace.

Fund added that she has learnt something from the controversy over her social media posts.

“I take this as a life lesson. After graduation and the Miss Hong Kong training, I am now more mature and understand that people may have different views on matters so I need to be more open-minded with more positive energy.”

Fung deserves a chance to prove that she is indeed a worthy winner of the title and that she can live up to her responsibilities as Miss Hong Kong.

Unlike her predecessor Louisa Mak Ming-sze, Fung doesn’t have a flying academic record with 10 straight As in exam.

But she can be just as good, so let’s not rush to judgments about her.

Fung, by the way, has a top-notch boyfriend — a medical school student with 10 straight As.

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