21 July 2019
The thief was caught on CCTV camera slipping the tiny terrier into his backpack. Photos: Facebook, Baidu
The thief was caught on CCTV camera slipping the tiny terrier into his backpack. Photos: Facebook, Baidu

Man steals Jack Russell from pet shop in six seconds

It was over in six seconds.

A man in blue checkered shirt entered a pet store in Mong Kok on Wednesday night, took a tiny Jack Russell terrier from one of the unlocked cages, slipped it into his backpack, and, just as casually as he had entered, walked out of the store, Apple Daily reports.

The dog theft was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras

According to Headline Daily, the pet shop on Tung Choi Street was crowded at the time and employees were busy serving customers.

A review of the video footage shows that the theft was apparently planned because the suspect knew exactly what to do and did not waste any time.

He then tried to sell the two-month-old terrier to a pet-loving shopkeeper at a nearby cellphone store.

The female shopkeeper thought the dog had been abandoned as it looked terribly frightened.

She gave the man HK$700 as payment for the dog and gave the shivering animal some milk.

She then gave the dog to the shop owner, identified only as Gary, who happened to already have three dogs.

Thinking that he would be unable to take care of another dog, Gary put up a feed on Facebook to look for anyone who might want to adopt it.

Back at the pet shop, employees realized that one of their dogs was missing and decided to review the CCTV footage. There they saw the thief.

After reporting the theft to the police, they also uploaded the video clip to Facebook, asking netizens for any information that could lead to the arrest of the thief and the return of the dog.

After learning about the theft on Facebook, the cellphone shop employee got in touch with the pet shop owner and told him about the dog she had just bought.

The pet store owner immediately identified the dog as the terrier that had been stolen from his shop.

He reimbursed the HK$700 that the woman paid for the dog and thanked her and her boss for returning it.

An ocular check showed that the baby terrier was fine despite the horrible experience it went through.

The pet store owner said the stolen dog has a twin sibling. It has already been vaccinated and has a microchip for identification.

It is estimated to be worth HK$8,600.

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