26 April 2019
Ken Tsang has been accused of using the case as a stepping stone to enter politics. Photo: HKEJ
Ken Tsang has been accused of using the case as a stepping stone to enter politics. Photo: HKEJ

Activist Ken Tsang accused of harboring hatred against police

Lawyers of seven police officers accused of brutally beating pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang Kin-chiu during the 2014 Occupy protests bombarded the alleged victim with questions in an apparent attempt to raise doubts to his credibility.

At a court hearing on Tuesday, the lawyers accused Tsang of harboring hatred against police officers as a whole, citing his conviction by the Kowloon City Magistrates’ Court, which sentenced him to five weeks in jail in May for attacking police officers and resisting arrest during a street protest in October 2014, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Tsang, who has vowed to lodge an appeal against the ruling, denied the accusation.

Tsang was allegedly beaten up by the seven officers in a dark corner near the main Occupy protest site in Admiralty on the night of Oct. 15, 2014 after he was seen splashing liquid on police officers who were trying to maintain order at the time.

Tsang told the court the liquid was only water and the reason he did so was because he saw police officers coming at him and the other protesters.

One of the lawyers questioned how he could possibly have known the liquid was water if he did not drink it as he himself had admitted.

The lawyers accused Tsang of using the case as a stepping stone for him to enter politics, noting that he became a celebrity after he was portrayed as a victim of police brutality and that he in fact ran in the Legislative Council election in September.

Again, Tsang, who failed to get elected, denied the accusation.

The lawyers also pointed out that the procedure arranged by the police for Tsang to identify the suspects was flawed, saying the video footage taken in the process suggested Tsang was not sure of the identities of the culprits at the time, news website reported.

The defendants – Chief Inspector Wong Cho-sing; Senior Inspector Lau Cheuk-ngai; Sergeant Pak Wing-bun; and police constables Lau Hing-pui, Wong Wai-ho, Kwan Ka-ho and Chan Siu-tan – have been charged with “causing grievous bodily harm with intent”.

They all pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The trial continues next Monday.

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