21 October 2018
Pictures of the MTR passenger have gone viral on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/hkincident
Pictures of the MTR passenger have gone viral on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/hkincident

Spotted on the MTR: Yoga master or subdivided flat tenant?

Commuters on the MTR East Rail Line going to Lo Wu on Wednesday morning were treated to the curious sight of a man whose legs snaked around his neck and in front of his face as he occupied a single seat on the train.

The contortionist, who was silent throughout the trip, acted as if his sitting posture was the most normal thing in the world, or didn’t care about what everyone else was thinking about him.

Many of the passengers, of course, took the opportunity to click away with their smartphone cameras and posted pictures of the man on social media, news website reports.

The pictures reaped more than 2,000 likes just a few minutes after they were posted on a Facebook page.

It is said that the train was not crowded when the man boarded it and took one of the single seats near the door.

Everything appeared normal until he raised one of his legs above his head and the other around the back of his neck.

Most of the other passengers just observed him silently throughout the trip while others simply ignored him.

According to Headline Daily, many netizens expressed admiration for the man’s contortionist skills. Some thought he was an experienced yogi while others believed he was a master of some esotoric style of martial arts.

It’s also possible, some remarked, that he rents a really tiny subdivided flat somewhere in Sham Shui Po, and he just got used to that position.

Some netizens were not amused, saying that his sitting position, along with his dirty shoes and luggage, could offend some of the other passengers.

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