19 April 2019

Woman rescued after being trapped in mountain for 11 days

A 49-year-old woman was found on Wednesday in Tuen Mun, 11 days after she fell down a mountainside, leaving her unable to move.

She managed to survive by drinking water from a mountain stream, Headline Daily reports.

She sustained serious injuries and remains in hospital.

The woman, surnamed Cheung, went to visit her mother in Fu Tai Estate in Tue Mun.

Cheung, who suffers from mental illness, then walked about a kilometer to Tsz Tin Tsuen where she stayed to enjoy the view.

She stepped on some moss and slipped down a hillside.

The accident left her immobile. She said she could only move to drink water from a nearby stream that kept her alive.

She had lost her mobile phone and purse.

Cheung was found lying in the underbrush on Wednesday afternoon by a passerby who called the police.

A government helicopter was sent to retrieve her after which she was brought to Tuen Mun Hospital, according to Apple Daily.

Police said Cheung left home on Feb. 4 and her boyfriend reported her missing three days later.

Meanwhile, a veteran hiker advised the public against going alone to the Tuen Mun mountains because some trails there are not obvious and could be dangerous.

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