23 February 2019
The lone survivor in the car crash turned out to be a passenger, not the driver, of the vehicle. Photo: HKEJ, TVB
The lone survivor in the car crash turned out to be a passenger, not the driver, of the vehicle. Photo: HKEJ, TVB

Fanling car crash survivor to file complaint against policemen

The lone survivor in a fatal car crash in Fanling earlier this week has vowed to lodge a complaint against the police officers who accused him of causing the death of his two companions in the car.

The 40-year-old man, surnamed Fok, was arrested on the same day and accused of being the driver of the Lexus GS300 that figured in the accident.

However, the charge of dangerous driving causing death against Fok was dropped on Thursday, Ming Pao Daily reports.

Fok had been pulled out of the burning car by villagers after it slammed into a traffic island at high speed and crashed on Jockey Club Road near Fanling Wai early on Tuesday.

His two companions – Kwok, 37, and Chan, 30 – were trapped in the burning car and died on the spot.

Fok, who is still at the North District Hospital recuperating from multiple second-degree burns, insisted he was not the driver of the car.

He said he will file a formal complaint with the Complaints Against Police Office for causing distress to him and his family.

Police said they had arrested Fok because they assumed he was the driver since no one was on the driver’s seat when the fire was put out.

Fok said he was only a passenger, and his wife defended him by saying he did not know how to drive, news website reported.

A witness also told reporters that Fok identified himself as a passenger after he was rescued.

It turned out Kwok, not Fok, was the driver.

Fok said he felt much anguish to see his companions die in the car, but felt relieved that his name has been cleared.

However, he criticized the police for treating him like a killer and releasing information to the public about him being the driver of the car, although the information had not been corroborated yet.

Shum Wai-nam, co-founder of Civil Rights Observer, a group that monitors police misconduct, said while it is normal for policemen to arrest the driver in a fatal car accident, they acted too hastily in Fok’s case, causing unnecessary harm to an innocent victim.

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