18 February 2019
The foreigners jump off the roof of Park Towers and land near Victoria Park. Photos: Facebook/JukinVideo
The foreigners jump off the roof of Park Towers and land near Victoria Park. Photos: Facebook/JukinVideo

Police to investigate death-defying stunts in Tin Hau

Police have been asked to look into the case of three foreigners who were caught on video performing BASE jumping in the bustling district of Tin Hau.

Based on the video clip, the young men jumped from the top of Park Towers and, with the help of a parachute or glider, landed near Victoria Park last month, reports.

The footage, which was posted on the Facebook page of JukinVideo, has recorded over 800,000 views so far.

Netizens criticized the young men for neglecting their own safety and posing danger to pedestrians and other road users.

It is understood that the trio leaped off the roof of the 48-storey Park Towers with the intention of landing at a section of Hing Fat Street.

As seen in the video, the three took turns in diving from the building and opening the gliders in mid-air, with the entire process taking around four seconds.

The video then showed the three seated at a table inside a restaurant, apparently celebrating their feat.

“Good job, boys!” someone was heard telling them.

BASE jumping is a very dangerous fringe sport or stunt that is prohibited in many jurisdictions. “BASE” is an acronym for the fixed objects where one could jump: building, antenna, span and Earth.

A representative of the building’s management office did not confirm if the reported activities had taken place in the premises, but said they have reported the incident to the Civil Aviation Department (CAD).

The CAD said in a reply to media inquiries that it has referred the case to the police for investigation, and warned that such activities carried out in an urban setting could pose danger to the public.

It said persons wishing to perform similar stunts should consult the CAD to ensure that they are not violating any regulations.

Article 48 of the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 stipulates that a person shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property.

Offenders are liable to prosecution and, if convicted, face a fine and up to two years’ imprisonment.

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(First posted at 3:19 p.m. Thursday; the article has been amended to refer to the activity as BASE jumping.)

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