20 February 2019
Salesian Yip Hon Primary School has seen a disturbing incident involving the mother of a primary six student. Photo: wikipedia
Salesian Yip Hon Primary School has seen a disturbing incident involving the mother of a primary six student. Photo: wikipedia

Woman, 32, arrested for threatening school principal with knife

A 32-year-old woman was arrested on Monday after she allegedly threatened a school principal with a knife amid a dispute over her son’s academic assessment. 

The mother, a person surnamed Wong, is accused of confronting the principal of a primary school in Kwai Chung with a cutting knife and also issuing verbal threats.

The incident, at the Salesian Yip Hon Primary School, took place as Wong was agitated about her son getting a demerit at the educational institution, according to Apple Daily. 

Wong’s son is said to be a primary six student at the Kwai Chung school.

Following the threats, the principal called the police, leading to the mother’s arrest.

As she is suspected to be emotionally unstable, Wong was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital for checkups after the arrest.

The school announced on its website that a person had been arrested at the premises. It did not give details but said the move came after a person became extremely emotional.

School authorities notified the Education Bureau about the incident and also established a crisis management team to follow up on the matter.

Security measures will be enhanced at the school, it added.

The events, meanwhile, have sparked discussions among other parents. Some people expressed concern as to how someone was able to enter the school premises with a blade.

However, there was no mention of a knife in the school’s notice on its website. It merely said that the person who was arrested was “emotional”.

When an Apple Daily reporter tried to reach out to the school, the vice-principal replied that they have no further comments as the case is now under investigation.

A spokesperson from the Education Bureau said the department has been in close contact with the school after the incident.

Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (HKPTU) president Fung Wai-wah said there has been an increase in cases where parents are overly concerned about their children’s wellbeing at school.

Some parents would constantly request teachers to monitor their children’s activities, or sometimes question any decision by teachers to punish the kids, Fung said.

Interference in the teachers’ or schools’ decisions can sometimes create a lot of stress for teachers, Fung added.

Schools nowadays have a team of teachers specifically responsible for handling parents’ issues, he noted.

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