20 April 2019
Footage of workers filling empty Budweiser cans with a home-made brew has shocked Chinese netizens.  Photo: YouTube
Footage of workers filling empty Budweiser cans with a home-made brew has shocked Chinese netizens. Photo: YouTube

China underground factory found making fake Budweiser beer

If you are a Budweiser fan, you might want to think twice before buying a can of that US beer in some parts of China.

The reason: Instead of the original stuff, you may just end up with a good-looking counterfeit. 

According to two video clips doing the rounds on social media, an underground factory in southern China had been producing fake Budweiser beer using recycled cans of the popular American brand.  

In the videos, workers are caught filling up empty Budweiser cans and packing them in cardboard boxes.

In the first clip, factory personnel can be seen picking up recycled cans and dipping them into a big plastic container filled with some home-made brew.

The cans are then placed on a conveyor belt where they are sealed and slapped with fake production labels.

The second clip shows the counterfeit Budweiser beer packed in cardboard boxes and ready to be shipped out.

Then some officials in uniform appear in the picture, suggesting that the factory was being raided.

The videos, which first appeared on a Facebook page in Taiwan, have gone viral and prompted intense discussions about the ever-expanding counterfeiting racket in China. 

Netizens pointed out that the knockoffs looked so real that one could barely tell the difference.

Though the operation was busted, there are worries that the factory may have already shipped out several thousand cartons of the fake Budweiser beer.

Calling the production process totally revolting, some people who saw the clips said they are now struggling whether to continue buying Budweiser beer or not, Taiwan’s TVBS news station noted Tuesday.

According to media reports, the underground factory was located in Dongguan in China’s southern Guangdong province.

Alarmed at the news from China, Budweiser (Taiwan) said on its Facebook page that it reserves the right to pursue legal action against the illegal mainland factory.

The company will fully cooperate with authorities for investigations, it said, adding that consumer safety and product quality are always its priorities.


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