5 December 2019
Applying moisturizers is the most effective way to improve one's skin condition. However, moisturizer should not be over-applied. Photo:
Applying moisturizers is the most effective way to improve one's skin condition. However, moisturizer should not be over-applied. Photo:

Why moisturizing the skin matters to everyone

Human skin is the outer protective covering of the body, which is also responsible for our appearance.

As the weather is getting colder these days with a relatively low humidity, many people may feel dry and even itchy.

Itchy skin may cause insomnia for some. Children may not be able to focus in class, while adults may find it hard to concentrate at work. This could negatively affect their performance.

The consequences may sometimes be serious: scratches on dry skin may lead to skin inflammation, students and workers may miss school or work.

Everyone should moisturize their skin well during this dry season. Clinically, it’s mostly men, children and the elderly who have skin problems caused by dry skin. That’s because most of the women take care of their skin while many men do not think they need moisturizers.

Children like to take long baths, which does not do good to their skin. They also have lower awareness of skin care and are not good at expressing how their skin feels.

The skin texture of the elderly, on the other hand, has become less oily. This lowers the ability of the skin to preserve moisture, making it drier and resulting in eczema. They are also fond of hot baths, which could worsen their skin problem.

Sometimes, some patients say their skin remains dry even after they have applied body cream. But that may be the case because they don’t apply enough cream. Usually, they apply moisturizer only once a day or even once every two to three days. Also, some people simply give up applying the cream because they lack patience.

Applying moisturizer is the most effective way to improve one’s skin condition. However, it should not be over-applied.

A thick layer of moisturizer will not help to hydrate the skin but increase the chance of forming hair follicle obstruction and acne. It is best to apply enough amount a few times a day and with a thin layer consistently, according to your own skin type.

Speaking of which type of moisturizers is the best, it depends on personal preference and where to apply. Generally, the cream for body and hand should be thicker than that for the face. The skin will be more allergic during autumn and winter and thus a simpler cream should be used, such as one without fragrance.

All in all, in order to have healthy skin, the most important thing is to take serious care of your skin and keep it hydrated.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Dec 20

Translation by John Chui

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