19 August 2019
When it comes to toilet rolls, price doesn't necessarily equate with quality. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
When it comes to toilet rolls, price doesn't necessarily equate with quality. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Battle of the toilet rolls: best brands for the bottom

The more expensive the toilet roll, the better the quality? 

Not necessarily, says the Consumer Council, which recently tested several popular brands of toilet rolls in the local market.

Based on its findings, Tempo, the premium brand priced at HK$4.2 per roll, has the same three-star rating as SureBuy, which sells for HK$2.2 each.

Andrex, the second most expensive brand at HK$4 per roll, also has the same rating as Tempo.

But, surprise, surprise, C&S, priced at only HK$2.7 each, garners the highest rating of four stars.

The council’s widely-read monthly report may prompt many housewives to reconsider their preferences when it comes to toilet rolls. For indeed, why do you have to spend more for a brand when you can buy a better product at a cheaper price?

To be fair, Tempo is not really that popular for its toilet rolls, which have relatively thicker plies that may more easily block the drainage system.

The brand is more widely known for its portable hankies we use for everything from cleaning our eyeglasses to wiping our mouths, especially in eateries that don’t offer napkins unless we specifically ask for them. They’re around HK$2 to HK$3 per pack at convenience stores.

Consumer Council based its ratings on the toilet roll’s size, net weight, number of sheets, tensile strength (when dry or wet), and bursting strength.

In a test on 25 samples, the consumer watchdog found no direct correlation between the product’s net weight and price. There actually were wide variations among the samples in net weight, length, width and number of sheets.

It noted, with some displeasure, that almost half of the samples did not have such important product information. It also found that of the 13 samples with weight information, more than half (eight) weigh less than what is declared.

The Consumer Council reminds manufacturers and suppliers that they have the responsibility to disclose to consumers full and accurate information about their products, adding that it is the fundamental right of consumers to be so informed.

It also advises consumers to buy toilet rolls at pharmacies and household goods shops because prices there are more stable.

On the other hand, supermarkets offer a wider variety of brands and choices; they also offer lower prices for bulk purchases and during promotional sales.

Still, consumers who want to get the best quality and price must shop around and compare available products and brands.

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