Confessions of Joseph Lau about his ex-girlfriend

November 16, 2016 13:49
The House on Parker Road is still under Joseph Lau's name, according to him. The house is used by Yvonne Lui. Photos: HKEJ

What does a tycoon who has almost everything in life not want?

If you ask Joseph Lau, he would probably say his ex-girlfriend Yvonne Lui.

Fresh from making front-page advertisements of their HK$2 billion (US$257.83 million) break-up, Lau invited reporters to his home in Jardine’s Lookout and revealed more details about the heartbreaker.

Accompanied by his girlfriend Kimbie Chan, Lau hit back against every statement Lui publicly made and accused her of being dishonest and, above all, money-minded.

“Kimbie has never asked me for money,” Lau, who is never shy to talk about his love affairs, told Apple Daily.

“I gave her [Lui] billions of dollars. If she wants more, I have already reserved a billion for Kimbie and her children to fight her in court.”

In a separate interview with Sing Tao Daily, Lau suggested he has given Lui more than HK$2 billion but he also took back some assets that Lui claimed she owned.

“She [Lui] loves to tell lies and said she got this and that from me,” Lau said, adding that that her Parker Road residence is still under his name and the two diamonds he bought for their daughter Zoe will be passed to her after his death.

Lau, who has vastly improved after a kidney transplant, said Lui always asked him to fund her property investments but the money was not returned.

“I once asked her to lend me US$50 million and she asked me to sign an IOU but the money was still mine,” Lau said.

“I always say even if I had given her HK$10 billion, she would have betrayed me for one dollar. She is always greedy”

Not just money, but other issues also troubled Lau.

He said Lui and him met for just 10 minutes in the past 18 months, although she said they last met for two hours.

Lui gave a different account on the ad.

Earlier, she released a cryptic statement on her charity website, saying that she and her children hope that he would recover soon and that he would stay away from people who trouble him.

She also replied to BBC, praising Lau as “a dedicated father”.

After the release of the two interviews, she said:

“My hubby, whom I hesitated to call otherwise after more than a decade.

"I see you are talking to the media. The children and I are more assured. You have gone through a lot of pain and suffering in the past few months but you are always tough, never complained and never gave up.

"Even in your weakest days, you showed your most perfect side to the children and to me. For this, I thank you and I love you dearly.”

We leave the last word to Lau.

“I once considered myself a self-made man with high intelligence. I have kids from three women -- some kids are paying their debt but some are collecting debt. Only I know where the shoe pinches.”

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