21 April 2018

Leung Wai-shun

HKEJ contributor
  • Few people would remember that Lion Roack had been called Fu Tau Shan, meaning tiger’s head. Photo: HKEJ

    Taking in Lion Rock from hilltops

    - Feb 24, 2017 5:32pm
    Growing up in the shadow of Lion Rock, I have developed a strong affection for this magnificent mountain. A hundred years ago, when the entire Kowloon Peninsula was a rural farmland, Lion Rock stood out from...
  • Victoria waterfront, Central District, in1954. Who knows what Hong Kong will be like in another hundred years? Photo:

    How much do you know about Old Hong Kong?

    - Feb 17, 2017 5:37pm
    Hong Kong’s natural sceneries are gorgeous. For a small place, it boasts an abundance of geographic features. A diversified landscape of mountains, valleys, rivers and hundreds of islands makes it a paradise for hikers. But have...

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