12 December 2018

Ben Ng

EJ Insight writer
  • Zac Cheah, co-founder and chief executive of Pundi X, aims to boost cryptocurrency adoption in the mainstream market with its payment solutions provided to merchants and consumers. Photo: Pundi X

    Pundi X brings digital currencies to physical stores

    - Dec 10, 2018 1:47pm
    The phenomenal surge in the value of cryptocurrencies last year, when prices rose by more than 900 percent before settling down this year, has made them a new speculative target in the financial world. Despite the investment frenzy,...
  • Cross-border payments startup Airwallex aims to build the global financial infrastructure of the next decade, says co-founder and CEO Jack Zhang. Photo: Airwallex

    Airwallex eyes more SMEs for international payments service

    - Nov 26, 2018 2:06pm
    Airwallex, a three-year-old fintech startup focused on international payments for businesses, is stepping up focus on Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, tapping small and medium enterprises in the region that seek to sell more goods in...
  • Roger Haenni (middle), co-founder and CEO of  Hong Kong-based blockchain startup Datum, said the adoption of blockchain technology is lower than expected. Photo: Datum

    Datum blockchain business won’t rely solely on token-economics

    - Nov 13, 2018 3:46pm
    (First of a two-part interview) Driven by the cryptocurrency mania, initial coin offerings have offered a new means for startups and projects to raise capital, with many tokens issued via ICOs reaching return rates of 10 and...
  • Datum is a blockchain-powered decentralized database that allows anyone to securely store data, while ensuring that individuals maintain control over their personal data and allowing them to monetize their data on their own terms. Photo: Datum

    Data breaches raise public awareness of risks to privacy: Datum

    - Nov 13, 2018 3:45pm
    (Last of a two-part interview) In today’s era of big data, businesses are collecting, aggregating, and analyzing all kinds of personal data they collect from customers to aid commercial decision-making. On the other hand, users of...
  • Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire believes the integration of fiat stablecoins into consumer and mobile payment applications will usher in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Photo: Bloomberg

    Circle CEO upbeat on stablecoin outlook

    - Oct 31, 2018 9:03am
    (Last of a two-part interview) In the first part of the interview, Jeremy Allaire, chief executive of Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency startup Circle, explained how the newly launched stablecoin USD Coin token can solve the pain-point of the...
  • Jeremy Allaire, chief executive of cryptocurrency startup Circle, said stablecoin combines the benefits of cryptocurrency and price stability. Photo: Reuters

    Circle CEO says stablecoin offers secure value in crypto deals

    - Oct 30, 2018 1:25pm
    (First of a two-part interview) Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged one-to-one to a stable asset or fiat currency, like the US dollar, and is thus insulated against price fluctuations. A US dollar-pegged stablecoin is...
  • Ofo HK general manager Quentin Zhang said the firm is keen to work closely with regulators to develop a set of consumer-friendly guidelines for Hong Kong's bike-sharing sector. Photo: Ofo

    Ofo calls for self-regulation of HK bike-sharing industry

    - Oct 19, 2018 9:01am
    The bike-sharing trend has taken Hong Kong by storm – and appears to have subsided just as fast. Since last year, six bike-sharing operators have emerged in the city. But amid fast-paced expansion and intense competition, went...
  • LINE Corp., the Tokyo-based messaging giant, has unveiled its first cryptocurrency token, LINK, and its blockchain network, LINK Chain, with the aim of creating a strong token economy. Photo: Reuters

    Japan’s LINE to go big on blockchain with crypto ventures

    - Oct 2, 2018 4:01pm
    LINE, a Japan-based mobile messaging app owned by South Korean internet giant Naver, aims to create a blockchain ecosystem for its service offerings. Its blockchain efforts have included the establishment of “LINE Blockchain Lab,” a blockchain...
  • Jeff Yu is founder and managing director of online office rental platform Zoom Offices. Yu and his team participated in the TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 earlier this month. Photo: Zoom Offices

    Zoom Offices brings full online experience to office leasing

    - Sep 28, 2018 4:13pm
    Most companies seeking to lease offices still rely on the services of real estate agencies.  Hong Kong startup Zoom Offices wants to digitize this traditional lease model by providing an online platform that connects office property owners, operators,...
  • Sigal Atzmon, president and CEO of healthcare management service firm Medix, believes China will lead the pack in disrupting the healthcare sector with advanced technology. Photo: Medix

    China leading in healthcare technology, says Medix chief

    - Sep 6, 2018 1:04pm
    Accelerating tech innovations are transforming the healthcare industry, and both tech giants and startups are quick to seize business opportunities in such fields as pharmaceuticals and genomics. Sigal Atzmon, president and chief executive of Medix Global, a...
  • CurrencyFair is tapping into the renminbi market in an Asia push, with the segment seen as a big part of the company’s future growth, according to COO and CFO Ruth Fletcher. Photo: CurrencyFair

    P2P money exchange platform CurrencyFair bets big on RMB biz

    - Sep 3, 2018 5:05pm
    CurrencyFair, a Dublin-based online peer-to-peer (P2P) foreign exchange marketplace, announced last month the acquisition of Hong Kong payment services firm Convoy Payments, signaling the fintech startup’s major ambitions for expansion into Asia. Ruth Fletcher, the Irish firm’s...
  • Hype’s founder and CEO Henek Lo (left) and its co-founder and COO Robert Hao said the company is leveraging its local market expertise and operational networks to help startups expand in Asia. Photo: HKEJ

    Meet Hype, venture builders helping startups expand in Asia

    - Aug 23, 2018 12:27pm
    With its booming startup ecosystem, Asia has made great strides in technology and innovation over the past couple of years. Despite being a hive of investment activity, however, the regional market remains a puzzle to many from the outside....
  • Ben Richman, Director of Data Services at Blockstream, says his firm is committed to enhancing the Bitcoin scale while maintaining privacy for users. Photos: Reuters, Blockstream

    How Blockstream is scaling up Bitcoin-related technologies

    - Aug 23, 2018 11:52am
    In 2016, Blockstream, a provider of blockchain technology, won backing from Horizons Ventures, a venture capital firm owned by Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing. Ben Richman, Director of Data Services at Blockstream, describes Li as a “visionary”...
  • Data laws in Asia are not entirely motivated by the same objectives as in Europe, where there is consensus that individual rights should prevail over the economic interests of businesses, says DLA Piper's Scott Thiel. Photos: Reuters, DLA Piper

    GDPR and its effect on technology innovation

    - Aug 22, 2018 12:20pm
    In an article published on Monday, we presented the comments of Scott Thiel, a partner at DLA Piper’s Hong Kong office, on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what companies should do to...
  • Scott Thiel, a partner at DLA Piper's Hong Kong office, said the fundamental difference between the Europe’s GDPR and other privacy regimes poses a big challenge for multinational firms with large data sets. Photo: Bloomberg, DLA Piper

    Ignore at your own risk: How GDPR impacts China and HK companies

    - Aug 20, 2018 12:52pm
    Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25, has been billed as the biggest shake-up of data privacy laws since the birth of the web. With an aim to give citizens...
  • Matthias Herrmann, managing director of Roy Ceramics, believes there is still some way to go for China when it comes to pursuing intelligent manufacturing. Photo: HKEJ

    How a bathroom ceramics firm is riding Germany’s ‘Industry 4.0′

    - Jul 30, 2018 4:23pm
    In 2012, Germany launched the concept of “Industry 4.0″ in its manufacturing sector. Three years later, China implemented a similar initiative, dubbed “Made in China 2025″ plan, to modernize the country’s manufacturing through technological upgrades, and...
  • George Zhao is pictured on the stage during the Honor 10 global launch event earlier this year. The Honor smartphone brand chief aims to boost overseas sales in a big way as the domestic Chinese market has become very crowded. Photo: Honor

    Honor, Huawei’s mid-range brand, steps up overseas push

    - Jul 30, 2018 10:56am
    Honor, a smartphone brand established by Huawei Group in 2013, has stood out in the crowded Chinese smartphone market. As a budget-friendly Huawei sub-brand, Honor offers consumers an alternative in the lower to mid-range smartphone segment, helping...
  • Stock markets could be impacted by the World Cup match results, according to a study. Photo: Reuters.

    World Cup elimination could wipe billions from stock markets

    - Jul 23, 2018 4:19pm
    Stock markets could be impacted by the World Cup match results, according to a study led by Alex Edmans, a professor of finance at the London Business School. The study, based on analyses of 1,100 football...
  • VeChain's chief marketing officer Noah Huo (upper left) said PwC is committed to helping promote the startup’s business to its global customer base.  Photo: VeChain

    With PwC, VeChain is building supply chain of the future

    - Jul 17, 2018 3:21pm
    Following the meteoric surge of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, many businesses have shown heightened interest in the blockchain technology behind those virtual currencies and have sought to harness its potentials. The growing interest in the technology...
  • Alan Ai, general manager of WeWork Greater China, said the firm is going to enter eight cities in China this year. Photo: WeWork

    WeWork goes full throttle in China

    - Jun 4, 2018 2:13pm
    A platform for creators, WeWork is bent on establishing a global presence. Founded in New York City in 2010, the company now has about 248,000 members around the world. As WeWork continues to expand, China, with its government...

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